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The natural world has fascinated me and many before I came to be. An indescribable love for wildlife and nature; We came from it, it is a part of us and spending time in it has a healing quality that we are yet to fully understand.

Journeying to South Africa after graduating with a photographic degree, I trained as a safari field guide. Observing, photographing and learning about the local flora and fauna. A truly awesome experience, which fed my passion about the animal world and animal behaviour, leading me to work in the animal care industry, a very important aspect of my life. 

Having also a great interest in human nature and the relationship we have with the natural world. My aim is to collaborate these interests to create images that not only reflect on human experience but to ponder the world that we find ourselves in.

Understanding the world around us and how we connect to ourselves, and to one another can be a deeply therapeutic experience. Through first hand encounters, the written word or imagery, it can give a sense of clarity; From one moment, in awe of the beautifully uniform structures and textures of a clustered feather moss, to another, feeling saddened having just discovered the lifeless body a collard dove, moved by the way the foliage appears to be cradling its body like a loving mother. Ready for it's energy to be reclaimed by the earth.

It's easy to become disconnected to the world of nature, my wish is to be able to reconnect you with it. The natural world is an intrinsic part of our lives, it's very presence is integral for our survival and our well being.

A member of the London Independent Photographers organisation. Having had had work published in their magazine Flip, which is sold at the National Portrait Gallery and the Photographers Gallery in London.

Please fill in the form below if you are interested in working with me on any future projects, to enquire about hosting workshops and general enquiries.


Mixed Media Artists Compilation.         
Rhodes Art Complex, 


Free Range Art Fair.                
Old Truman Brewery  

LONDON - JUNE 11 - AUGUST 09 - 2009


London Wildlife Trust -

Great Northwood Annual Calendar competition - Overall Winner.

LONDON - 2019 

London Wildlife Trust -

Great Northwood Annual Calendar competition - Overall Winner.

LONDON  - 2018


Flip Magazine - Issue 41.


 LONDON - 2019

Flip Magazine - Issue 27. 


LONDON - 2014


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