Welcome to the Beginners Workshop for Nature Photography! 

I just want to start off by saying that £5 of each booking will be donated to the Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service in Enfield. A wonderful haven where wildlife is rehabilitated and returned to their home in the wild. Those who aren't able to spend the rest of their lives safe from harm at the centre.


Studying photography was a wonderful experience, I had amazing teachers who gave me the tools I needed to develop my own voice and style. It gives me a great sense of achievement to be able to share my knowledge and I’m now teaching workshops in photography for beginners.

This workshop is specifically for anyone who has an interest in nature and has an SLR, DSLR or any camera that has a manual setting and wants to learn how to use it in manual mode, to get more control over the outcome of your images.


I offer workshops for up to ten people at a time; by having a smaller amount of people enables me to focus and have more time with you. I also offer one on one tutorials if that suits you better!




- Ethics of wildlife photography.


- Camera settings e.g: Aperture, Shutter Speed, Depth of Field, ISO, Exposure.

- Learning about various lenses and how they affect the outcome of your image.

- How certain camera angles and view points affect the outcome of your image.

- Things to look out for when shooting in nature; such as the time of year and what to expect, animal behaviour and predicting your subjects next move.

* Please wear appropriate clothing and bring your own lunch, we will have an hour break at 12.30.


* Please make sure you have various lenses, spare memory cards and a full battery!



Any day of the week, please email me directly to organize a session.


Workshops run from 11:00 AM- 16:00 PM with an hour break at 12:30 PM.



Various parks or nature reserves in London. Please wear appropriate clothing and bring your own lunch unless you know if a certain place has food or beverage facilities. Please let me know if there is a particular place you wish to go, I will be happy to travel in and around Central and Greater London.



- Upcoming workshops will be displayed on the subpage Upcoming Workshops.

- Group workshops will sometimes be redirected to the Eventbrite website to book.

- For one on one sessions u can email me directly to book.



Group workshop: £65 per person.


One to one session: £110 per person.